Tempered glass, 

also called toughened glass, is a kind of glass which strength is enhanced by heat treatment. Included flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass.

After the glass has been tempered, a stress is formed on the glass inside and surface , which increases the strength of annealed glass by 4 times. When the tempered glass is broken, this stress will cause the glass to break into small particles instead of the sharp shards.

However, because glass inevitably contains nickel sulfide (NiS), NiS is affected by the pressure after the glass tempered, causing the glass self-explosion. The probability of glass self-explosion is about 3 ‰.


Heat soaking 

is a treatment method for tempered glass, which will detonate the tempered glass with a chance of self-explosion in advance, reducing the ex-work batch self-explosion rate.

Some regions require Heat soaking treatment of architectural tempered glass to increase the safety of the glass. Such as Hong Kong.


Heat strengthened glass

semi-toughened),the strength is less than half that of tempered glass, and the strength is twice that of annealed glass.

The advantage is that it would not self-explosion.  



South star glass uses the  "super flat & spotless" tempering production line, and the glass surface quality is better than others tempered glass.

At present, it has been applied to a large number of luxury brands, such as the retail stores of LV, TOD's, and Tiffany.

Fritted glass frit the pattern foever, and the pattern is fritted during the procedure of tempering.  (pattern can be  printing by silk screen or digital printer.)